About the Company

MSN Shipping Agencies Pte Ltd incorporated in 2006 with a clear version and objective of providing TOTAL LOGISTICS SOLUTION and MANAGEMENT for Air, Sea and Land Services all under one roof.


Our Commitment & Aspiration

In MSN Shipping,we strive to produce the right strategies to increase our dominance in the logistics market in pursuit to achieve optimum results.

Against this backdrop and to stay relevance in today logistics fast changing landscape, having the right people with the right attitudes to perform multiple functions, the Company believes this will help it to achieve the long term desirable service deliveries.

Another aspect the Company adopted is to strengthen its market leadership in a niche market segment which we are proud to have developed is the pipe yard management business. Enhancing this market segmentation strategy has added value to our core business of selling steel cargoes freight specifically and other general freight and logistics services.

MSN Shipping continuously seeking new collaborations with overseas international freight forwarders and agents to extend new business strategies and service offerings to further enhance its international network. Having the right local and overseas channels partners will also add value to the business as they can help to trim costs down and in turn the cost savings will be passed to our customers.

Having determined the factors for its business competitiveness, we are able to create customer satisfaction by offering higher level of service with competitive pricing and on-time delivery.


We strive to continuously
improve and exceed all
levels of expectations with
quality service and superior value.

"We will challenge ourselves
to create customer satisfaction
by offering competitive pricing
and on-time delivery."

"You can be assured of our
undivided attention, dedication,
loyalty and commitment to
Meet your Shipping Needs at all times.
An experience that will not be forgotten."

Our Growth Strategies

Macro growth in industry & globalisation
Tap on growing trends in the chemicals, healthcare and F&B industries as well as e-commence sector 
Increase trade volume between trade volume between Singapore and Global partners
Increase demand for logistics solutions in warehousing & freight services

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